Hussein Zayed Corporation for Agriculture and Import

Hussein Zayed Agriculture and Import Corporation is a leading Yemeni company in the field of agricultural services, founded in 1999 AD, and it is one of the best companies in this field, with long experience in the agricultural field of more than twenty years. Where the company has adopted in its policy on importing distinctive and high-quality products from the best international companies, in addition to that the company has a team of agricultural engineers who have specialized in all agricultural fields.

The company has branches and distributors in most Yemeni regions working to distribute the company's products in those regions. Those branches are managed by a group of engineers with distinguished experiences and special skills that help farmers obtain better productivity and profitability .

The company also seeks to provide farmers with the best agricultural products, as it conducts many analyzes and experiments in the fields of farmers and provides them with correct instructions in agricultural methods to obtain excellent and high quality agricultural crops. The Hussein Zayed Agriculture and Import Foundation is the exclusive agent for many European and Asian international companies in the Republic of Yemen.